I'm getting the ame problem with bullsonwallstreet.com - previous
whitelisted rates of 20000 now down to 150... not recovered yet.

And I throttle all requests to a pretty low level for the REST API...
but still down at 150!

Let's hope that this attack ends soon, and honest users can have the
performance needed back again soon!


On Aug 7, 7:48 am, Hedley Robertson <hedley.robert...@gmail.com>
> Yes seems like this is some sort of IP based blocking that they introduced,
> since one of my production servers started failing yesterday, then the other
> server, on a different IP, which was consistantly working, started failing
> later in the evening.
> Any suggestions on who can I contact directly to get this resolved?  I
> filled out the 'whitelisting form' just now, but never had to worry about it
> in the past as my application is not abusive with rate limits, and not sure
> if this is the best channel anyway, since its more of an incorrect /
> misapplied blacklisting issue, it would seem?
> Hedley
> On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 3:42 AM, Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > They are definitely still actively blocking all volume requests.
> > I noticed this morning that my website was working. Checked, and my
> > rate limit was back to 20,000.
> > So, I switched on one of my cron jobs, and within less than 5 minutes
> > all requests from my IP were being completely blocked again.
> > Wonder just how big are these woods that Twitter has to come out of.
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