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On Aug 7, 11:20 pm, Chad Etzel <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Here is the state of things as we know them:
> - The DDoS attack is still ongoing, and the intensity has not
> decreased at all. Because of this, interaction with the site and with
> the API will continue to be shaky due to the defenses that have been
> put in place by our Ops team. At this point, removing any of those
> defenses is not an option.
> - Whitelisted IPs that have a restricted rate-limit is a *known
> issue,* and we are still working on restoring increased rate-limiting.
> - OAuth funkiness is a *known issue* which seems to be exacerbated by
> the whole DDoS thing.
> - Automatic blacklisting of "valid" or "innocent" IPs is a *known
> issue* and a result of the DDoS defenses. These blacklistings are
> temporary, though the amount of time they "stick" is variant upon the
> number of requests being made. The best thing to do to avoid this is
> throttle back your requests. We know that this may not be an option
> for everyone, but if you can, it will help.
> - Keep respecting 302's as you get them.
> *There is no ETA on fixing any of this*
> *There is no ETA on fixing any of this*
> I know that sounds harsh and cold, but if you want us to be perfectly
> honest with you, that's the truth. Things will continue to be rocky as
> long as this attack continues. They may get worse, they may get
> better. That should not be read as "we don't care about fixing it" or
> "we're not going to fix it until everything blows over" but instead as
> "we can't promise when things will be back to normal, but in the
> meantime we are working on fixing is ASAP."
> Ops is going to be working around the clock this weekend.
> We will also be monitoring the situation and giving out new
> information as we have it. Please remain patient with us. As much as
> you want it to be fixed, we want it to be fixed more. Some of my
> personal apps are completely borked as well.  We're all going to have
> to ride this out together. Communications may be slowed over the
> weekend, but please know that we are not ignoring the situation.
> Thanks,
> -Chad

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