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> Andy,
> One would hope that a judge would not even hear a case that said,
> "Defendent violated terms that he had no way of knowing exactly when
> and how he violated those terms."
> Suspending accounts based on what is a nebulous concept to the public
> is one thing. Even though it may not be good PR, it is well within
> someone's rights to do so. But, to take legal action based on it is
> probably, or shall I say hopefully, a bit of a stretch of the
> imagination. There is a good reason why law books and contracts are so
> thick and contain so many definitions, namely, so you can know exactly
> when you have broken the law or broken the terms of the contract.
> Dewald

And if a judge refused to hear the case, that's also setting some
precedent, and forces Twitter to provide clearer terms if they expect
to pursue similar matters in the future.

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