No. Do you not understand that Trademark infringements occur between
things that could be mistaken for each other or in the same industry,
diluting a brand?

A Disney film from the 1940's has what to do with a 3rd part
application for a 2006-present social network?
There is a CLEAR connection between MyTwitterButler and Twitter.
MyTwitterButler is using Twitter as the basis for their business and
clearly in the same brand space.

This isn't uncomfortable for Twitter or MyTwitterButler.

Were you asleep for the whole Apple Computers v Apple Music thing? As
long as they weren't in similar spaces (computers weren't supposed to
make sounds/music initially) everything was ok, but then once Apple
got into music, the stuff got nuts and went to court. No Apple (fruit)
companies were sued however or sent notices.

You guys are so stupid this makes my head hurt.


On Aug 12, 3:18 pm, Vincent Wright <mylinkedinpowerfo...@gmail.com>
> None of us actually know how this might turn out but, even recognizing
> that this could become an uncomfortable matter for MyTwitterButler
> and/or Twitter, I nonetheless, decided to ask the question regarding
> the 1942 movie Bambi:
> "Would Twitter Sue Bambi For Being Twitterpated? :-) 
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