They're not going to be able to force dean to transfer his domain to them.
His domain name isn't confusing, as twitter.com as well established. He also
has a legitimate claim to the domain, regardless of how legitimate the
service that serves as that claim may be. Perhaps they should go in the
direction of the legal gray area that is his service?


I don't think i referred to people i followed myself, if i did it was done
by mistake. I completely agree with the DM situation. You followed them
yourselves, you took the action to do it, you can deal with the effects of
that decision.

I'm only talking about the notify traffic generated by being followed by
accounts that twitter wouldn't consider legitimate accounts. I realize
you're a little biased since many of the features you offer on the
professional version of your twitter app would be rendered "not necessary"
if the spam traffic was eliminated. "That girl deserved to have her purse
stolen because she had it out there for everyone to see" is how i see
"follow spam".


Clarification, when i've used the word inbox, i'm referring to the email
your registered your account on, not your twitter DM inbox.

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