But... I would check to make sure they have grounds to stand on. It
may just be a bluff, or they may not be respecting the views of the
company they represent.


On Aug 14, 1:25 pm, "Dean Collins" <d...@cognation.net> wrote:
> I'm only sending this to the Twitter-Dev list and not distributing the
> information to a wider audience but I think the Twitter 3rd party dev
> community should be aware of a development.
> Karen Webb the lawyer for Twitter inc has clearly stated that I will NOT
> be able to change my applications name fromwww.MyTwitterButler.com
> <http://www.mytwitterbutler.com/>  towww.MyTweetButler.com
> <http://www.mytweetbutler.com/>  and contrary to Biz Stones blog post of
> July 1st 2009http://blog.twitter.com/2009/07/may-tweets-be-with-you.html#links
> Twitters lawyers will be pursuing domain names and applications with
> both the word "Twitter" and with the word "Tweet" in their domain.
> The conference call basically fell apart when I realized that the lawyer
> thought my application did something magical to the API and allowed a
> twitter account (eg @Tweet_Tools) to follow more people in a day than
> the API was programmed to allow. Likewise the application could send no
> more direct messages per day than the AP allows.
> -          I don't have an answer about the longer term outcome. I was
> hoping this was going to be solved with a few 15 minute phone calls BUT
> it doesn't appear that this is going to be possible.
> I've asked for the dialog to move to email rather than voice and also
> made Twitter Inc aware I'm going to be overseas from next week until the
> 7th of September so I don't expect to make an update until after this
> date.
> I appreciate not everyone in the twitter-development community thinks my
> application should be allowed all I'm asking for is a clear definition
> of the rules - if you don't want us to use Tweet or the API in a certain
> way then don't write blog posts that say it's ok (or give code demos at
> dev-nest meetup events for things you now say the API isn't to be used
> for).
> Either way I think the dev community needs to know that....changing your
> apps name to TweetX etc (even if the term Tweet was coined by the user
> community) isn't going to be allowed by Twitter. That's until after the
> 7th of Sept.
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> Dean Collins
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