I'm sure we will see a blog post soon from twitter. Yeah its very unlikely
that any twitter API
dev will comment on this since they can't speak on behalf of twitter's legal
plans. They probably
don't even know what legal plans are in place.

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com>wrote:

> > I would humbly suggest that someone from Twitter comments in this
> > thread sooner rather than later as I am concerned this will end up in
> > the press with quite a negative spin - unless there is some quick
> > clear guidance.
> I doubt very much that the Twitter people who follow this thread, who are
> not lawyers, are going to comment on a pending legal request or action. I
> know *I* wouldn't, if it were the company I worked for.
> I'm sure there are backchannel discussions but I doubt you'll see them
> here.
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