jim.renkel wrote:
> 7. If retweets and status updates are numbered from the same sequence
> of IDs, then presumably statuses/destroy can be used to delete a
> retweet. If retweets and status updates have separate ID sequences,
> then I don't see any way to delete a retweet. I think the ability to
> delete a retweet is essential! BTW, I don't see any delete capability
> in the proposed UI.

It is important to be able to un-retweet. I would also like to know how it
is done.

> 8. If a protected user retweets a status update of a non-protected
> user, will the protected user always / sometimes / never be listed as
> a retweeter of the public user's status update?
> 9. Conversely, if a non-protected user retweets a status update of a
> protected user, will the protected status update always / sometimes /
> never be included in the various timelines of the non-protected user?

Protected users' activities should never be disclosed to people outside
their list of approved followers. The privacy advantage of the current "RT
@foo" convention is that the reader never knows if @foo actually said what
was retweeted unless @foo approved him as a follower.

Here's another sticky issue, related to that: What happens when a user posts
a tweet, and then a bunch of people retweet it, and then the user deletes
the tweet? The original poster doesn't want to be associated with the
message anymore and would rather that message not exist. But, the
re-tweeters expect to have an archive of everything they retweeted.


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