Good catch on deleting a retweeted tweet! It was on my list of issues,
by I forgot to include it in my post.

Hopefully, the twitter folk will respond to this as fast as they added
retweet_id so ya can delete retweets! :-)


On Aug 17, 1:33 pm, "Brian Smith" <> wrote:
> jim.renkel wrote:
> > 7. If retweets and status updates are numbered from the same sequence
> > of IDs, then presumably statuses/destroy can be used to delete a
> > retweet. If retweets and status updates have separate ID sequences,
> > then I don't see any way to delete a retweet. I think the ability to
> > delete a retweet is essential! BTW, I don't see any delete capability
> > in the proposed UI.
> It is important to be able to un-retweet. I would also like to know how it
> is done.
> > 8. If a protected user retweets a status update of a non-protected
> > user, will the protected user always / sometimes / never be listed as
> > a retweeter of the public user's status update?
> > 9. Conversely, if a non-protected user retweets a status update of a
> > protected user, will the protected status update always / sometimes /
> > never be included in the various timelines of the non-protected user?
> Protected users' activities should never be disclosed to people outside
> their list of approved followers. The privacy advantage of the current "RT
> @foo" convention is that the reader never knows if @foo actually said what
> was retweeted unless @foo approved him as a follower.
> Here's another sticky issue, related to that: What happens when a user posts
> a tweet, and then a bunch of people retweet it, and then the user deletes
> the tweet? The original poster doesn't want to be associated with the
> message anymore and would rather that message not exist. But, the
> re-tweeters expect to have an archive of everything they retweeted.
> Regards,
> Brian

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