The idea is great, but the execution (imho) leaves a lot to be desired.

There are two types of retweet in my experience:

The first is the 'plain' duplication of the original tweet, with just the "RT 
@scnreename " on the front, and the proposed API additions serve this very well.

But many, indeed I'd argue the majority, of retweets I see are ones where the 
original message - often a few words and a link - has been commented upon by 
the retweeter, ie it is *not* a duplication. Sometimes the original is short 
enough that the commenter can get in with the character limit, sometimes they 
'shorten' the original text to get in their comment.

There is far greater "added value" in a retweet when people add their own 
comment before sending it on its way. Plain re-transmission just fills up the 


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