Hi Sean.

The location field on the user's profile will be stating put!

On Aug 21, 2009, at 1:54 AM, Sean Callahan <seancalla...@gmail.com> wrote:

Quick question Ryan, because none of this will surface on Twitter.com
will you keep the Location field for a users profile or is that going
away when this becomes love? If it stays, will there be any specific
changes regarding the location on a user's profile when this API
becomes available?


On Aug 20, 5:28 pm, Lepton <m...@myallo.com> wrote:
Perfect timing! My iPhone app about to be released has a lot to do
with geolocation, and already uses Twitter to set and see locations of
people. Myallo HotList tracks the "hotness" of people and places in
your social universe partly through their locations. For example as a
person gets nearer to you, they get hotter, if friends gather near a
place, they and the place get hotter. I want to use these upcoming
features to "discover" nearby people. You can preview the app via its
documentation athttp://myallo.com/hotlist

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