hey abir.

Great discussion, the geolocation code is exciting opens up so many

thanks! we're excited as well.

1. Would you guys consider the geolocation code, opt-in on a tweet
basis?  It would be an optional input on a tweet basis with the
default=off;  This way users can choose, "Hey, I am walking down
market street for the next 45 minutes, and I am open to getting
marketing offers".  The bet= Users will want this on for a % of the
time based on specific tweets and this would eliminate the need for
them to turn the global geolocation default on and then off again, 2
steps vs. 1.

what we're up to right now is definitely only the first pass of what we're planning with doing with geolocation.

2. Any idea of approximate time frame we can start playing around with

"soon" is the best i can say right now :P

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