Boy, this concerns me. People definitely need to be able to add their
own comments to the RT.

And removing the retweets if someone deletes the original tweet?!  No
way. Once it's retweeted, that retweet "belongs" to the retweeter and
must stay. I think it violates social media principles to delete them.

On Sep 24, 8:55 am, Joseph Cheek <> wrote:
> ouch!  deleting tweet IDs in my messages ASAP...
> Joseph Cheek
> twitter:
> Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >>> With the current way RT works (without the RT API) and at least as of
> >>> a month ago, making RTs a reply makes it limited to people who follow
> >>> both the sender and the original author (since it's a reply). This
> >>> greatly diminishes the point of retweeting and was the reason why I
> >>> stopped setting the reply to ID for RTs in SimplyTweet.
> >> what?  Every time my app submits a tweet with the reply id set, that
> >> limits the people who can see it?
> > Yes. I confimed this was intended behaviour with Alex a while back.- Hide 
> > quoted text -
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