Now there is an excellent analogy, which begs the question, "Where is
the user's responsibility in this?"

I have very clearly warned my users, every time they enter a tweet,
that they must adhere to the Twitter Rules, with hyperlinks to those
rules. That was not good enough.

So, with your analogy in mind, should the authorities pull over
speeders, or should they shut down manufacturers that make vehicles
that can exceed the speed limit? Or, in a different analogy, should
the government shut down Home Depot because they sell chain saws and
box cutters, and some people use chain saws and box cutters to murder
other human beings?


On Oct 13, 5:31 pm, JDG <> wrote:
> Yes, and should be treated as such. I personally detest all those stupid
> twitter-based games. Point is, with Twitter's userbase, some get through the
> cracks. Don't like it, report it. This is like complaining that cops only
> pull over SOME speeders. Yeah, some are going to get through the cracks.

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