> Isn't it the case they reject duplicate Tweets if you try to post the
> same thing twice consecutively?  I've not seen them reject duplicate
> Tweets if there is intervening posts.


> Personally I think this is a really bad move on Twitter's part.
> Because of the streaming model of Twitter itself and the fact that not
> every follower will see every Tweet that you do, not being able to do
> recurring Tweets leaves businesses without the ability to economically
> get a consistent message out onto their account.

I think this is a valid point, but what would you do with accounts that
do recurrent @s? You don't have to follow them for them to show up in your
mentions, and that means a never ending stream of blocks.

Moreover, those kinds of recurrent tweets also show up (all other things
being equal) in Twitter Search, contaminating those results.

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