I see @ mention abusers as a different breed because for the most part
their Tweets are not technically duplicates.  They are complete
pollution for sure and harder for an individual user to stop
preemptively.  At least if someone is annoyed with recurring or
duplicate tweets they can simply unfollow that account and there's a
self regulating mechanism. Ultimately the real pollution issue is the
@ mention system itself, not recurring Tweets on individual

If Twitter wants to clean up the pollution, as they put in their
message to Dewald, they would have a lot easier time rooting out @
mention spammers than trying to figure out some pattern of recurring
Tweets looking back into history.  You can usually determine an
@mention spammer by looking at the first 5-10 Tweets and simply
counting the @ symbols.  The DM system is already polluted beyond
hope.  @ mentions are right on the heels of being useless to
businesses trying to track the brand.  In the grand scheme of Twitter
problems, it seems to me that recurring Tweets are way down on the
list and I think they're pulling a real tool out of the grasp of many
businesses, enough that I don't know whether I can honestly suggest a
business spend time on Twitter.

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