Hello, I need some help.  4 days ago I started getting emails from my
users that they could not login to our site using the Oauth service.
I checked my site and it said my application had been suspended.   I
did not get any email from Twitter, they just deactivated my
application so nothing works.  I have sent in two support tickets, but
gotten no response.  2 days ago, I took my site down www.gotwitr.com
so that I would stop getting support email from my users.

I have had this site up for 5 months, and I have over 5000 users have
used the service.  I am so glad that I have never charged for the
service, this would be a nightmare.

If they would let me know what our site, or one of our users did to
get banned, we would be glad to fix it.   We have tried to make our
site as Twitter API friendly as possible.

We are 100% Oauth, we have never saved or requested any users
We only let our users hit the Twitter API 1000 times in a 24 hour
We have all of our tools that follow or unfollow use individual user
verification, (no mass follow or unfollow)

An email with the issue would have been great.

Not getting a response in the last 4 days that my site has been down
is really not acceptable!


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