I apologize for my choice of words.

Now, can we get back to discussing Twitter using OAuth as a mechanism
to heavy-handedly suspend applications as witnessed by the two recent
cases we know of, while measuring the guilt of the application against
nebulous rules that nobody knows exactly what they mean?


On Feb 15, 7:17 pm, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com> wrote:
> > Oh for crying out loud, is everyone now going to stare themselves
> > blind at the phrase "Gestapo-like" and forget about the issue at hand?
> > It is meant to portray a one-sided action where the accused party is
> > not afforded a voice, or his/her objections, rationale, or
> > explanations are ignored.
> Then say that instead of throwing bombs. Don't tell me you used the term
> in order to provoke absolutely *no* reaction at all.
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