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> So. Who are you, what do you do, what have you built, and what feature do
> you most want to see added?

I'm Jonathan Strauss, and I'm co-founder of a startup called the
Snowball Factory[1] that builds performance marketing tools for social

Our core product is called awe.sm[2] and is a campaign tracking
platform for social media (no, it's not just another URL
shortener ;-) ) with some pretty robust APIs[3]. We've also built
fbShare.me, the original retweet badge knock-off for Facebook, as well
as TweetPo.st, which cross-posts tweets to Facebook in a more
intelligent manner.

I guess at this point, our top feature request is the ability to
disable quality filtering in the Streaming API when using follow
predicates[4] :-D

And a final fun fact, we just moved into an office with Klout on the
ground floor of the same building Twitter is in. So, folks are welcome
to stop by if they're ever in the neighborhood.


[1] http://snowballfactory.com
[2] http://totally.awe.sm
[3] http://developers.awe.sm

Jonathan Strauss, Co-Founder

Campaign tracking for social media - http://awe.sm
A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter - http://tweetpo.st
Sharecount button for Facebook - http://www.fbshare.me

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