M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

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Quoting Mark McBride <mmcbr...@twitter.com>:

Yes, that's correct.  We've considered adding more metadata to delete
messages to make routing easier, but the privacy issues involved get tricky
(if I delete something, do I *really* want the full text re-sent to a bunch
of people?)

Yeah - definitely tricky. The delete messages coming from "sample" only give the user_id and status_id, and I have to assume that the "publish" process doesn't send me a delete for a status that it didn't send to me. ;-)

I suppose you could do the same for "filter", but that would mean keeping track of all the tweets sent to *each* filter connection, not just one set of tweets like "sample". That could get ugly since you can't predict / control how many "filter" connections you're going to get or how many tweets are going to be passed by the filter criteria.

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