Yeah, interesting post form Fred, especially coming a week before

Are there classes of "killer apps" that should be built but haven't
been? I left a comment on his blog that I would love an app that
somehow aggregated the recommendations from my twitter stream for
things like books, music, movies, etc. I tend to trust social
recommendations often times more than algorithmic ones.

And I certainly expect more and more great apps will be built around
data mining the tweet stream and the streaming API.

What would have to change for there to be 10X the number of (quality)
Twitter apps as there are now? A simpler way to make money? More
success stories? A fund for Twitter app developers? Changes/maturity
in the Twitter platform?

I'd be curious to hear what folks think.


Mike Champion
Engineering Lead

On Apr 7, 12:12 pm, Chad Etzel <> wrote:
> As dougw pointed out, a timely article:
> Chad

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