Hi All (and @Abraham)

To quickly answer your initial 3.. .
My name is Dan Regalia..(@DocNasty) here on twitter.

I'm a software developer for trade.. nearing 40, i am proud to say
that i have spent 3/4 of my life programming computers.. from fortran
to quickbasic to any microsoft technology i can sink my teeth into..

As far as features that i'm looking for, I'm more interested in how
oAuth works, and seeing how far i can push twitter... I think as a
platform I need to evolve with it, and stick to what i know, which is
internet radio.  I'd rather be a solid user than a part time
developer.. once i run into a brick wall, i'll be back to bug you

My goals/projects are as such:  I have a few applications on deck..
one is the kritter, which is a krushradio twitter application.  music
player and twitter app..
Then there is the yp server, which is fed from the broadcast server
and tweets whats playing from the stations.  Phase 1 was completed
last night, phase 2 which is about 60% will pick out artists names,
and check them against the database and if there is a twitter for that
band, it will show the band twitter and the song name.. which will
give the artist the ability to see when their songs are being played..
and where..

Kind of a nifty and unique concept.

Anyways, thats me.


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