On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:09:38AM -0400, Dean Collins wrote:
> Yeh but John, who is going to install MySQL for a desktop client?

1) John was responding to someone who said a database "wouldn't work for
[him] since I do not have a desktop app, end I do not store anything in
a database".  If he doesn't have a desktop app, then he's talking about
a web app and, as John said, pretty much every web host out there gives
you MySQL, no installation required.

2) MySQL isn't the only RDBMS out there...  If I were writing a desktop
app which needed to handle significant amounts of data, I'd use SQLite.
The SQLite libraries in every language I'm aware of aren't just
interfaces to the database, but rather contain the entire database
engine, so there's no external application to install.  This is a well-
proven approach, with Firefox probably being the biggest-name
application using an embedded SQLite database engine to handle its data.


Dave Sherohman

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