On 5/20/10 3:16 PM, Taylor Singletary wrote:
> While we have been having some performance issues that should give you
> occasional 401s, it shouldn't be as widespread as the experience you've
> been having.

OK, you know, until *literally* 60 seconds ago, requests for
http://twitter.com/oauth_clients/details/1574 were returning 502 fail
whales.  NOW, it just loaded.

OK, who fixed it just now?  What was broken?

> When we throw a 401, we typically provide an error message within the
> body of the response -- if you can share that it would be helpful.

As I said in my email the other day:

HTTP 401, "Failed to validate oauth signature and token"

> Has anything about your environment changed?

Sadly, no.  I wish it were that simple.

> Have you reset your consumer key or secret?

No, and I just verified again that it still matches what is showing in
the Twitter OAuth apps page.

> Does this happen for all access tokens or is
> there a specific access token that you use that is failing? Is it
> possible that access token's access was revoked? The error message
> provided on 401s will help shine some light on some of this.

It's happening on the very first, and every single, /oauth/request_token
API call.

> One recent change we made is that if you're trying to access resources
> that don't require authentication, but you are still providing OAuth
> credentials and those credentials are invalid, we no longer provide the
> data but instead properly inform you that your credentials aren't valid.

Again, I'm not even getting as far as making a Twitter API call any
more.  The whole OAuth process is failing at the request_token endpoint.

> Which, if any, OAuth library do you use?

Homegrown.  Has been working for over a year, and has not been modified
the entire time.

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