Hello Matt,

Thank you for your quick and clear response.

However, the user id and screen name are both valid. Both User_id = 0
or screen_name = twitterapi work perfectly in the API Console for home/
timeline - but not for users/lookup. I also tried it with my
screen_name, this works fine with home/timeline but gives a 'No user
matches for specified terms' for users/lookup. Maybe I'm doing
something wrong. Is the API console users/lookup working for your
screen_name at the moment?

Regards, René

On 30 mei, 01:24, themattharris <thematthar...@twitter.com> wrote:
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> You need to give the user lookup request some valid user ids or screen
> names. The error you are receiving is because you are sending a
> user_id of 0 which is not a valid account. Maybe try with your screen
> name first.
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