Sami wrote:
> I don't see how this feature could impact user privacy more than what it
is right
> now. Today Twitter stores all links for all users and they can spy on them
and the
> shortner is not changing that :)

Right now, Twitter can see all the links that users *post*, but they don't
see which links users *click*.

In order to implement this feature, Twitter has already built the framework
that does all the hard work that applications need to protect users' privacy
against (link-shortener) click-tracking. Twitter will be withholding that
final URL from applications, preventing us (through the ToS) from
implementing our own anti-click-tracking privacy measures. If, instead, they
gave the final URL to the application and let the application use that URL,
then applications could implement anti-click-tracking privacy measures with
an even greater degree of privacy than they could by using a third-party

In other words, instead of Twitter using their existing link-unshortening
technology to let applications tell *fewer* companies what links your users
are clicking on, they are using it to force applications to tell *more*
companies what your users are clicking on.

Only advertisers could build a privacy-improving technology and using it for
the exact opposite purpose. :(

Brian Smith

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