This thing really is a can of worms, in terms of:

1) The impact on the ecosystem if characters are counted after link
2) The impact on Twitter's core system and SMS communication if
characters are counted before link wrapping.
3) The perception that there is no guaranteed stability in the TOS,
which makes developing and investing in the ecosystem increasingly

I don't buy the click tracking privacy argument. Twitter will have no
more insight into clicks than what or any other shortening
service has, and they won't have any insight into clicks on links that
are not in tweets. For example, if I tweet something with a
link and I use that same link in other places, Twitter will
track only the clicks on the link in the tweet. They are not able to
track the clicks on that link in the other places I've used it
(Facebook, Buzz, StatusNet, blog, etc.). If the privacy argument
carried any water, then would be a far greater privacy threat
than Twitter.

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