At present my code reads a tweet in plain text format. It then adds
<a> tags to any links, the @username and the #tags. It then looks for
twitpic/flickr/youtube etc urls it will add a clickable thumbnail to
the top of the tweet.
As I can see it, my code will need to put the in the <a> tag, do
a lookup on the full url and replace the in the text of the
tweet, check for twitpic links, add the thumbnail, BUT ensure that the
link on the thumbnail goes via else it will be a breach of the
Will not parsing the image url and displaying the thumbnail in the
first place be a breach of the TOS as I haven't sent the users browser

To repeat another request will you be providing search results with
words inside the URLs redirects like you already do for tinyurl

Also two weeks, with just a couple of feeds to test against and no
sample code???

On Jun 9, 9:45 am, Rich <> wrote:
> Please make sure the timeline for this is LONGER than 2 weeks please,
> some of us have to code this and then wait at least a week to get
> through Apple's approval system.  This is especially important when it
> comes to detecting images, etc.
> Richard
> On Jun 9, 4:27 am, Raffi Krikorian <> wrote:
> > yeah - its definitely case that counting characters will become a bit more
> > subtle.  i hope that we can provide a really good and easy way to help you
> > all out.  at the very least we are going to update documentation, but i know
> > we can do better than that.
> > On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 8:17 PM, Andy Matsubara 
> > <>wrote:
> > > Raffi wrote:
> > > > related to this: the way the Twitter API counts characters is going to
> > > change ever so slightly. our 140
> > > > characters is now going to be defined as 140 characters after link
> > > wrapping. links are of a
> > > > predictable length -- they will always be 20 characters. after we make
> > > this live, it will be feasible to
> > > > send in the text for a status that is greater than 140 characters. the
> > > rule is after the link wrapping,
> > > > the text transforms to 140 characters or fewer. we'll be using the same
> > > logic that is in twitter-text-rb
> > > > to figure out what is a URL.
> > > I guess this change will make frontend text handling more difficult.
> > > Counting characters in a text box must figure out what is a URL. I
> > > hope Twitter will publish JavaScript library for realtime character
> > > counts. I also want APIs to make shortened URL.
> > > Andy Matsubara
> > --
> > Raffi Krikorian
> > Twitter Platform Team

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