yeah - its definitely case that counting characters will become a bit more
subtle.  i hope that we can provide a really good and easy way to help you
all out.  at the very least we are going to update documentation, but i know
we can do better than that.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 8:17 PM, Andy Matsubara <>wrote:

> Raffi wrote:
> > related to this: the way the Twitter API counts characters is going to
> change ever so slightly. our 140
> > characters is now going to be defined as 140 characters after link
> wrapping. links are of a
> > predictable length -- they will always be 20 characters. after we make
> this live, it will be feasible to
> > send in the text for a status that is greater than 140 characters. the
> rule is after the link wrapping,
> > the text transforms to 140 characters or fewer. we'll be using the same
> logic that is in twitter-text-rb
> > to figure out what is a URL.
> I guess this change will make frontend text handling more difficult.
> Counting characters in a text box must figure out what is a URL. I
> hope Twitter will publish JavaScript library for realtime character
> counts. I also want APIs to make shortened URL.
> Andy Matsubara

Raffi Krikorian
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