Quoting Ron B <rbtheron...@gmail.com>:

I just had one of those *rough edges* brought to my attention that I
think may also have already been alluded to on this thread.  Some
users use long URLs as a portion or even their entire tweet.  This
tweet technique is being used significantly in tweets about the Gulf
oil spill crisis, for example. (i.e.
The author of such a tweet fully expects that this message will be
conveyed in the tweet itself, by virtue of the message conveyed by the
long URL - not just the URL destination's content.  It doesn't sound
like this interesting and useful melding of tweet text and tweet
attachments will be possible any longer after the t.co wrapper
initiative is implemented.  That would be a real shame...

That particular example looks like a blatant "search engine optimization" ploy and not the "human-to-human communication" that is, IIRC, the "Spirit of Twitter". ;-)

Bonus points for correcting the spelling of "article" in the link? ;-)

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