Okay thanks for the reply. I'm building a news aggregator so the goal
was to enter the location manually. Still, I'm having trouble with the
geo-coding method. I'm using Abraham's php library and I do the

        $location = $connection->get('geo/reverse_geocode', array('lat' =>
'37.75' , 'long' => '122.68'));
        echo $connection->http_code;

Which returns 404. $location->id is empty. Any thoughts as to what I'm
doing wrong?

On Jun 11, 9:21 am, Matt Harris <> wrote:
> Hey Bryan,
> Status updates only accept lat/long or place_id. There isn't a way of
> providing plain text locations for these fields. If you wish to display a
> textual representation of where someone is on your app you would need to
> carry out a reverse geocode first.
> I don't know the method you are using to obtain the location but generally
> we see developers use the lat/long returned by the browser or device.
> One thing that might be useful to know is that we perform a reverse lookup
> on the lat/long when we display the tweet, converting it to some textual
> description like "SoMa, San Francisco", or "from here" as appropriate.
> Hope that answers your question,
> Matt
> On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 6:41 AM, Bryan <> wrote:
> > Hey everyone, is there a way to geo-tweet with the API without knowing
> > the Lat/Long? In other words, can I say "San Francisco, CA" or search
> > for valid place_id's with this name? I'm trying to make my user
> > interface as user-friendly as possible, and asking for lat/long for my
> > userbase won't work. I also want to rely on as few as API's as
> > possible, so I'd prefer not to run my name through Google's Map API
> > and then through the reverse geocode API on twitters. Thanks.
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> Matt Harris
> Developer Advocate, Twitter

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