Hi Bryan

The geo/reverse_geocode method only supports json so make sure you are using that and not XML.

Also, the method doesn't require authorisation so there is no need to send the oauth tokens.

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Matt Harris
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On Jun 11, 2010, at 15:28, Bryan <bryan.p...@gmail.com> wrote:


Okay thanks for the reply. I'm building a news aggregator so the goal
was to enter the location manually. Still, I'm having trouble with the
geo-coding method. I'm using Abraham's php library and I do the

   $location = $connection->get('geo/reverse_geocode', array('lat' =>
'37.75' , 'long' => '122.68'));
   echo $connection->http_code;

Which returns 404. $location->id is empty. Any thoughts as to what I'm
doing wrong?

On Jun 11, 9:21 am, Matt Harris <thematthar...@twitter.com> wrote:
Hey Bryan,

Status updates only accept lat/long or place_id. There isn't a way of
providing plain text locations for these fields. If you wish to display a textual representation of where someone is on your app you would need to
carry out a reverse geocode first.

I don't know the method you are using to obtain the location but generally
we see developers use the lat/long returned by the browser or device.

One thing that might be useful to know is that we perform a reverse lookup on the lat/long when we display the tweet, converting it to some textual description like "SoMa, San Francisco", or "from here" as appropriate.

Hope that answers your question,

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 6:41 AM, Bryan <bryan.p...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey everyone, is there a way to geo-tweet with the API without knowing the Lat/Long? In other words, can I say "San Francisco, CA" or search
for valid place_id's with this name? I'm trying to make my user
interface as user-friendly as possible, and asking for lat/long for my
userbase won't work. I also want to rely on as few as API's as
possible, so I'd prefer not to run my name through Google's Map API
and then through the reverse geocode API on twitters. Thanks.


Matt Harris
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