I'm sorry if this has been asked before:

I've written a twitter module for ClanSphere Clan CMS and I'm now
converting it to use OAuth.
I finally got it working, but I have question about the Consumer

I registered the application under my twitter account and obtained a
Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

The module is (will be) publicly available for download and webmasters
just have to install the module in their own ClanSphere Clan CMS to be
able to use it and make it possible for all users on their website to
post tweets via that module.

But, to prevent the hassle of all these webmasters, so that they not
need to register an application on their own and install their own
Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. How do I make it possible that every
can make use of my registered application? As I understand from the
name, the Consumer Secret is "secret", so I should not distribute it
to the community...

Every user should (as access tokens currently don't expire) only need
to allow my application only once, in order to be able to use the
twitter module:
"An application would like to connect to your account
The application ClanSphere Module by Mindcrime, Geh aB Clan would like
the ability to access and update your data on Twitter. Not using
Twitter? Sign up and Join the Conversation!


Sorry, but a lot of the webmasters, using CMS systems, don't know
anything about code/PHP and are just capable of uploading some
files... I would not like to think that I have to explain to them how
to register the application in Twitter and change the code in the
correct place...

How can anyone make a public module that way?

Thanks for the help...

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