looks like there are others who received the same exception error when trying to generate an auth url.

So, I switched over to Abraham's routine, which worked, and the oauth_token and verifier came back, but sadly, a new exception was thrown in the twitter-async code I was still using to retrieve the key/ secret.

Right now I'm trying to use Abraham's twitteroauth to output the same info. Is that possible?

I looked at the class source but they are different enough to make it opaque to me. There is no equivalent setToken in twitteroauth.

Does anyone know how to get twitteroauth to spill the same beans? I'm so close, and yet so far!

for the intrepid, here are the async calls I'm trying to find equivalents for in twitteroauth

$twitter->setToken( $_GET["oauth_token"] );
$token = $twitter->getAccessToken( array( "oauth_verifier" => $_GET ["oauth_verifier"] ) );
var_dump( $token->oauth_token, $token->oauth_token_secret );

thank you

Paul G

On Jul 22, 2010, at 5:53 PM, Paul wrote:

Hi Paul,

Is there a way to retrieve the consumer keys for the other Twitter
account I own without registering an app?

Yep, if you use that script given previously, just login to the other
Twitter account instead (with the same consumer key/secret.  This will
give you a different pair of tokens for the second account.

Initialise as in tweeting example with the new token.  Basically what
you're doing is authorising the same app for both accounts.

- Paul

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