I see what you are saying. I am waiting for Twitter to reply on this
issue. There should be some alternate to get all this data. Otherwise
they wouldn't whitelist an account with 20,000 calls if this is the
case. Can you suggest any method where I can get all the data?


On Aug 16, 5:11 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> On 8/16/10 1:43 PM, Rushikesh Bhanage wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > We have developed an app (you can seehttp://honestfollowers.com), in
> > which user can search for his honest followers.
> > I have successfully tested this for users having up to 5k followers. But
> > when I search with users having greater than 5k followers (like
> > 'imishant', 'ashabhosle' etc), I get below error :
> > Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
> > /home/rohit25/public_html/honestfollowers.com/get_data.php
> > <http://honestfollowers.com/get_data.php> on line 356
> > Above error probably is encountered due to the foreach loop we are using
> > stops receiving data. I tried searching the same account (imishant) few
> > hours ago and the operation was crawled and executed completely. So I am
> > confused whether this is a problem from Twitter's side or not. I have
> > tested my app with many other accounts and many get executed completely
> > but some don't and those are mostly accounts with more than 15k
> > followers. Also those which displays error gets executed completely when
> > searched on different point of time. So is this a problem from Twitter's
> > side? Does Twitter API sometimes break operation if when sending huge
> > chunks of data? What solution you suggest to fetch and execute such
> > amount of data?
> > No doubt site is perfectly running for users having below 2k, 3k followers.
> > P.S: We have white listed Twitter Account!
> > Thank you in advance!
> Hi,
> There can be numerous reasons for a simple PHP error, but this one means
> that you don't feed an array into foreach.
> Which can also have numerous reasons. I think that, in your case, it may
> be because of a 500 Internal Server Error which Twitter gives every now
> and then. You should do some checks on the information you get from
> Twitter before using it. ;-) Not all API calls always work.
> Tom

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