as Julio stated above, the official response from Taylor (in another
thread) was that this solution will *not* be rolled out. there is
currently no other alternative being offered other.

and just to repeat what has already been said a few time in this
thread - this is not just a problem with open source apps. any app
that is distributed (ie: not running on your own web server) has this
problem. i read on Daring Fireball the other day about a new Twitter
app called Hibari, so i downloaded it and got the consumer key and
secret within a couple of minutes. others apps are just as susceptible
- any time the user has the code, the secret must be considered

i dont know how oAuth can be considered a solution for non-web apps,
but i hold out hope that an alternative will be offered.

On Aug 19, 10:26 am, BigglesZX <> wrote:
> Is there any news on this? The deadline is now passed and I'm looking
> to implement OAuth immediately in an open-source web app with exactly
> this use-case. Having this feature would be very useful. Thanks.

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