On 8/19/2010 11:50 AM, briandunnington wrote:
as Julio stated above, the official response from Taylor (in another
thread) was that this solution will *not* be rolled out. there is
currently no other alternative being offered other.

and just to repeat what has already been said a few time in this
thread - this is not just a problem with open source apps. any app
that is distributed (ie: not running on your own web server) has this
problem. i read on Daring Fireball the other day about a new Twitter
app called Hibari, so i downloaded it and got the consumer key and
secret within a couple of minutes. others apps are just as susceptible
- any time the user has the code, the secret must be considered

And that assumes that you distribute the consumerkey and consumersecret with the app. Nothing about Open Source requires this. You could just as easily just distribute the source and require that users obtain their own ConsumerKey combos.

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