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Why would a change in a client (after all, twitter.com is a client as
well) change your perspective?

Let's just say it's very likely the nature of the applications I develop will change to adapt to the new presentation. And exactly *how* they change won't be apparent to me until I've seen Twitter the way Twitter intends it to be seen. ;-)

Right now, I'm simply building data collection and analysis tools. That's the reason I want the 350 calls per hour without having to authenticate - there's nothing I do now that requires authentication. I do plan to switch to Streaming at some point but that requires switching to a proprietary model from FOSS, which in turn requires a change of business model and the EULA I must get my users to accept.

Simply put, I need to add more value to the stream than I'm currently adding to justify

a. Authentication and its associated security requirements, and
b. A EULA to cover my behind and an attorney to write it. ;-)

I can't add value to something I haven't seen or used yet.

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