> - The possibility to ask for (by the app) and grant (by the user) a
> more fine grained level of authorization (more than just read/write
> only)

Totally agreed!.  Specifically, I want:

1) One time tweet WRITE
2) Ongoing tweet WRITE
3) Non-public READ
3) Non-DM READ
4) Full READ
5) Profile and Settings WRITE

I should be able to ask for any combination as a developer, and as a
client/end-user I should be able to revoke or refuse ANY of them while
still allowing access.  Thus if someone codes an application that
wants to read all my tweets and send a solicit message, as an end-user
I should be able to allow the read access but deny the tweet writes.

Yes, this would complexify (wee) the UI, but it would enable people to
avoid the Twitter-worms that annoy us so much.


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