On Monday, April 4, 2011 2:19:38 AM UTC+1, Jeff Tucker wrote:
> Unfortunately (I can't believe that I'm writing this) I am having a 
> hard time getting spammers to actually spam me.  Is there any way that 
> I can somehow get access to the tweets of several dozen spam accounts 
> (prior to when they're shut down) so that I can see what they're 
> posting?  Is this possible somehow? 
I'd suggest, at the moment, to post any tweet with the word "ipad" in it, 
and I'd be surprised if you  didn't get spammed within a couple of minutes.

The bad news, perhaps, from your project's point of view is that I was 
spammed (after a similar post) from a brand new account - no followers, 
following no one, first tweet (and presumably never used again).

As the article below points out, twitter does not want to start blocking 
people as spammers based on those sorts of characteristics but, I believe, 
are instead looking at doing things like replacing all links with their own 
url-shortener service and then checking the link, and if it turns out to be 
spammy then they can simply turn off their entry for the link and so block 
any traffic for the spammer.

Anyway here's the article


Quite an interesting read IMHO...


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