Hey Developers,

Some of you may have noticed already that earlier today we deployed a
redesign of the OAuth screens.

We know both you and your users have been asking for better clarity about
what an application can see and do with an account and these screens are a
step towards doing that.

One of the areas we wanted to improve is showing the details of your
application. If you visit the new screens you will see we've separated your
application details from the permissions that are being requested. We did
this to help users see that it is your application, not Twitter's. Remember
you can update your application details at anytime on
http://dev.twitter.com/apps .

Mobile and international support has also been improved and we now use the
same rendering templates as those created for Web Intents. This ensures the
design matches the rest of #newtwitter and, more importantly, works
cross-browser, cross-platform, and multilingual.

We hope you find the new designs more welcoming and friendly. Let us know
what you think.

Developer Advocate, Twitter

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