Hi Matt,

This is a big change and it negatively impacts many web applications
that popup a browser window to display the oAuth screen.  The popup
windows were sized for the old content, and the new content will force
the user to scroll.  It's not a great experience.

I wish there would have been a feedback phase before this change was
pushed through.  Can we work together to create another format that
will fit within these windows?

On Apr 28, 2:02 pm, Matt Harris <thematthar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hey Developers,
> Some of you may have noticed already that earlier today we deployed a
> redesign of the OAuth screens.
> We know both you and your users have been asking for better clarity about
> what an application can see and do with an account and these screens are a
> step towards doing that.
> One of the areas we wanted to improve is showing the details of your
> application. If you visit the new screens you will see we've separated your
> application details from the permissions that are being requested. We did
> this to help users see that it is your application, not Twitter's. Remember
> you can update your application details at anytime 
> onhttp://dev.twitter.com/apps.
> Mobile and international support has also been improved and we now use the
> same rendering templates as those created for Web Intents. This ensures the
> design matches the rest of #newtwitter and, more importantly, works
> cross-browser, cross-platform, and multilingual.
> We hope you find the new designs more welcoming and friendly. Let us know
> what you think.
> Best,
> @themattharris
> Developer Advocate, Twitterhttp://twitter.com/themattharris

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