The website server can only see the cable-assigned IP (81.103.x.x). Your PC is assigned a local IP address (usually in the range 192.168.x.x). This local IP address is not valid outside your local network.

I'm not sure how you would programmatically find the router's IP address.


rogersmail wrote:
Also the website server after login returns to the client on the local pc
the verified IP address, which obviously is wrong with the router and after
the successful login is where i set the local pc server to start with the ip
return...i then get the 10049 error, should i find the ip that the router is 192.x.x.x etc and use that for the server on the local pc or
still use the correct 81.103.x.x cable assigned one..

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You will need to configure the router to do port forwarding.  What this
means is that you tell the router that any incoming connection on a
specified port gets directed to a specific local IP address (your PC).
So the PHP script will still try to connect to the router's IP address,
but the connection will be forwarded by the router to your PC.


rogersmail wrote:

I wrote a program that opens a server on the local pc(for p2p stuff) and

talks back and forth to the website, logging on ok and the php script catches the correct IP address of the server started on my PC,

however since adding a router to my PC for my kids to use the other PC

for the net i logon ok to the website outside but after logging on it returns the original IP of the cable modem and not the generated local ip that the router assigns, thus i get a 10049 Bind error..

any ideas or directions very welcome..

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