I begin to think that this is the problem - I was thinking two options:
something with the Brazilian Portuguese version of IE, or something with a
program that intercepts communications, like an antivirus. 
The only questions that remain are: why does this happen only with virtual
pages and not with documents? Why does this happen only with IE and not with

On 22/5/2005 13:05:52, Wilfried Mestdagh ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Hello Bruno,
> I just downloaded the demo from Francois, and tryed the server on 3
> different machines (NT, W2K, XP), and every time connected with the 3
> machines with IE (different versions) to  the server/bruno.html. Works
> every time here.
> Also I have a several project with the HttpSrv without problem. so it
> must be something on machines. Precides windows firewall witch does not
> give many problems, a lots of virus scanners can give TCP problems.
> ---
> Rgds, Wilfried
> http://www.mestdagh.biz
> Sunday, May 22, 2005, 17:23, Bruno Sonnino wrote:
> > My system has all updates, but this happens also on other machines (I
> can
> > put the server in my machine or in other machines and the same
> happens).
> > The program runs fine, just the connection
> isn't closed, you can have many
> > connections open at the same time, when they are not needed. The
> > thing is that it happens only in some machines (that's
> why
> you're not seeing
> > it), in IE only and with virtual pages, not document pages.
> > I tried with a sniffer (PacketMon - do you have one better to
> > but I couldn't

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