On 19-Jun-05 09:11:21 Francois PIETTE wrote:

>>>Is there someone willing to implement NTLM
>>>authentication into HTTP server component ?
>> If no other has offered yourself I can help you in this but only if
>> you have a documentation how to it should work. Otherwise I have no
>> idea how to start it.

>Well, we have the client side, you participated a lot in that development.

Yes, and now I partially know how the client works internally. But I
never worked on the source of the server, so I should first learn how
it works internally.

>So it should not be too difficult to build the replies the server has to do.

I think that the main problem is to handle automatically all steps of the
authentications. As said, I must first examine and understand how the
component works.
Is there already a similar situation, i.e. the component exchange
automatically more that one request with the client?

>I don't want to peek into Windows user base, just implement the NTLM
>authentication protocol. A simple event to get the usercode/password from
>the application host the server component is enough.

This should be true for authentication in general, not only for NTLM.
I checked (very quickly) the code but I don't understood how it
handle the basic authentication.

Speaking about the NTLM, I don't know if it will be "correct" to
don't use the Windows domain user base. Probably it is the only
reason to use the NTLM instead other authentications.

Bye, Maurizio.

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