> there i don't agree with you. if you consider ICS, it's almost VCL 
> free. it shouldn't be more dependant on any VCL component.

VCL, RTL, it's all the same thing, components delivered as standard with 
Delphi.  ICS is not VCL/RTL free, it uses classes with strings lists, 
streams, etc.  ZLIB is just another stream format. 

It was never necessary to put compression into the HttpProt component in 
the first place.  I wrote an application that handles compressed pages 
using ZLIB several years ago - the stream is uncompressed in the 
RequestDone event using half a dozen lines of code (that I've posted to 
this mailing list in the past).  

If the new component needs external code adding to actually decompress a 
page, we are effectively no further forward than several years ago, and 
I'd just ignore any new attempt to add compression and use my old code, 
provide the new component is fully backward compatible and does not 
break my application. 

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