Scrive Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> > I suggest that the compression part (i.e the one that implement the
> > gzip using the dll) should not be included in the library (I mean the
> > ICS package, not the distrbuted zip) but as demo or similar. Then it
> > is a choose of the developer if include it (or another
> > implementation) in the application.
> I disagree.  Given that ICS is essentially undocumented, if people have 
> to go searching through dozens of demo applications to find the 
> compression code, they simply won't do it.  ICS is supposed to be high 
> level components that include such functionality. 

We can do it in two steps. In the first release the Http client that has the 
full logic to add the encoding handling and keep separate the gzip 
implementation. So we can test if these changes affect the normal work of the 
In the meantime we can discuss if/how include the gzip handling "directly" 
into the component.

> Since Zlib is part of the VCL in Delphi 7 and later, and 2006 has the 
> latest version, it makes sense to simply use the VCL, in exactly the 
> same way as we use the VCL for numerous other things.  Assuming it's 
> implements the features we need.

Zlib is included at least since Delphi 5 in the companion CD, but it has a 
very bad bug that cause an infinite loop under some condition.

> If some developers are not satisfied with the VCL ZLIB, they can 
> override the components and include whatever code they want.  I'm not 
> sure of the ZLIB state in Delphi 6 and earlier, I think it needed to be 
> installed separately, but since I seem to be only one here that using 
> anything older than Delphi 7 (which I'm now migrating away from), it 
> probably does not matter.

I'm still using D5. If the Zlib is included in the standard Delphi 
installation only since D7 then this should be take into account before any 

Bye, Maurizio.

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