Hello Francois,

> Delphi 5 is really too old.

I know. But it's just as good, or better (smaller executable
size and smaller memory footprint) than Delphi 7. I really
like Delphi 5. And ICS works equally well on D5 as on any other
versions of Delphi. It's a pity to drop it.

> Delphi 2005 is too slow and too buggy compared to Delphi 2006 which seems so
> far to be as good as Delphi 7 but has much more features.

Delphi 2005 is slow. It got much better after the 3 updates.
I'm not sure if 2006 justifies the upgrade cost, though.

> V6 will completely replace V5. Last V5 version will be released very shortly
> now. I'm waiting some bugs fixes comming from ICS-SSL.

> Today, V5 and V6 are really close (use WinMerge to compare the source code.
> Configure it to ignore char case and white spaces).

> Once V6 beta is accepted, I will remove old code conditionnally compiled and
> start adding new features using compiler features not available in older
> compilers.

Sounds fair for new features to go to new versions.
Will bug fixes be going into V5? Everyone on the list must have
a bunch of legacy projects running.

> I even consider dropping Delphi 7 support for V7. I have to see how the
> market will accept Delphi 2006.

Most components tend to lag behind Delphi version upgrades.
ICS is fast in catching up (and is getting faster in dumping
earlier Delphi versions :)

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