> > I  prefer  use  Delphi  6  instead  Delphi  7  but  I  think it should
> > theorically work without changes isn't it ?
> With the current code, it would probably work with all 32 bit compilers 
> (Delphi 2 and up). But for making the code work with .NET without too much 
> conditional compilation, I need Delphi 7.

Some comments on this thread (all IMHO of course)

- FPC is missing. Which is not bad, since till now there were only a few 
        detail mods necessary at best.
- While FPC supports D7 and even D2005/2006 features, the .NET stuff
  is missing entirely, including dotted unit names, and this will remain so
  in the near future. This means that FPC can't lift along with the Delphi7
  support. (if that uses dotted unit names etc)
- Note btw that on the Indy lists, a recent discussion on the Indy list
  shed some doubts about Delphi.NET products, since a C# port of Indy wanted
  to branch, and that took most of the active people with it, leaving
  Delphi.NET in the cold. Since most .NETers seem  to prefer C# (and VS) 
  over D2005/6. 
- I agree with that assesment. Regardless what you think about .NET, I see no 
  future for a long term combined source between native and .NET. It's a bit
  of the worst of two worlds solution. Here at work we have at the moment a
  policy of setting up new projects in .NET (VS.NET tho), while the old
  Delphi products keep being maintained in D6. I think that is sane, and
  more productive in the long run.

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