I use ICS version: V2.99 (Revised: May 29, 2005) with

My client's setup is thus:
MachServ (WinXP)
MachA (Win98)
MachB (Win98)
MachC (Win98)
MachD (Win98)

I have 2 applications MyNode.exe  and MyServer.exe

MyNode: runs in background on all 5 machines. It Uses
following ICS components-
  TFTPClientP1 and  TFTPClientP2 and TFTPServerP1

MyServer: runs on MachServ. It Uses following ICS

P1 denotes port = 5011   and   P2 denotes port = 5014 
   (I have tried changing ports to 6011 and 6014)

The Problem:
All Transfers via P1 are perfectly OK,  but P2 from
MachA gives error in 
RequestDone event RqType of ftpOpenAsync:   gives
value of 'not fFTPClient.User'
At the same time MachB,MachC,MachD and MachE transfer
files via P2.

I know that the problem may not be with the ICS
component, but I do not have a hint of my next step.
Could you please advice me what may be the reasons of
such an odd behaviour.


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